Help with development and implementation Arduino

I hear it is wise to use the Arduino board as a developing tool and transfer the chip out to another board. Maybe that looks barney style but it is not.  So there are many boards out there and it says you have to connect them your self, you mean the pins to the boards or the pin to the board and wires from the pins to each other? If I wanted to use the Arduino as a developing tool to light up an LED I would test it by placing the LED on pin 13, load up blink example and if the LED lights up I can modify the code to blink every 3 seconds.  Now I can take the microchip from the Arduino and insert the pins into a board and one of them pins are parallel to power source and ground, so ill go to a pin that lines up with the chips power source and ground. If we are tracking, I do not see why at this point I have to further connect the bottom of the pin with power to the bottom of the microchips power if I solder them on the board parallel to each other.

Point is I will be leaving the whole Arduino inside my Jedi Stick until I figure out how to transfer a development stage idea to its own dedicated board.  It almost sounds easier to just replicate Arduinos every time, if you are going to bulk up on stuff for microchips for any situation, you might as well figure out how to fit it all in one chip.  Can you tell I am new? Arduino is in the maillllllll….cant wait.  T-18.


Machines and Jobs

Today at work I mentioned to the Fed Ex guy if he would like to see a video of a Drone making a 30 minute delivery of soccer shoes for a little girl.  One co-worker said loosing jobs and I went bananas in my mind.  We are making technological breakthroughs which are creating and transforming jobs.

In order for a delivery man to make a delivery it needs a sender and a receiver, a product to deliver, roads, and everything that comes along with a truck.  A drone needs all of the above plus a software creator, software maintenance, hardware like a truck does, a controller or supervisor like a driver does.  We need to get on our feet and get innovative, the world is taking a shift, human interaction is needed to perform other tasks as we learn to teach robots, lets get to the point that you live your life while your robot does your work.

I should use this Arduino thing to recognize my voices boss and record his requests and organize them into a calendar. Give it a mini motor to spider legs for it to follow me around or climb around my shoulder… hmmm

Machines are a reflection of human creations, the future is awesome even if its like Terminator.

Arduino Beginner

Lately I have been challenging the ‘cant’ of standards set forth.  A while ago I had the idea that the propulsion of a magnet from another magnet by forcing the same polarities together can be used as an energy source, a renewable energy source if cycled properly.  I figure from the propulsion I could make a motor spin and use the force from the motor to force the magnets together again which would in turn make the magnets propel again away from each other giving the motor force to spin again.  At this point my focus switched to the motor and the possible functions it can have.

Before getting too creative I wanted to see if I can make the motor turn on a light.  At this point is when I ran into blogs about watts, volts, and so on which I did not care for, I just wanted a motor to light up a light.  In my mind this should have been as easy as taking a breath.  Indeed it is, but I also saw a mini flying helicopter for $30 and I said to myself I ought to make my motor spin and go in the air, cant cost more than $10 for a mini motor and a rotor.

The roller coaster keeps going and I am nowhere near the magnets this days; I got not helicopter and no magnet source of energy,  now I am at the Arduino is in the mail part of the roller coaster and I am looking to make my first Jedi Stick(LightSaber) with sound.  All this will link back to reusable energy but first I think it is important for me to have basic understanding of circuits, sensors, and programming.  Then I can go back to the helicopter and then go back to powering up the helicopter motors which will have sensorrsss if I learn right.




You said visuals bore you, and that is not how you make a presentation about a person. I disagree, you are going to ask Scott to approve for my raise or promotion without any data? I much rather you allow me to set up an appointment with Scott to show him my value. I have the data to back it up, I have the records of what was been done in the past and what is getting done now. In addition, I have witnesses, Tasha trained me and returned to be trained. Mario (boss) you say invest in yourself, I took information system classes as well as html and java in order to understand the new world of information sharing we are in. Took managerial accounting, business organization, and economics courses. They have really helped me understand the travel industry we are in and the importance to deliver the best assortment of duty free products to our clients. Which is the primary mission of International Shoppes. If you want to conclude that DDF NY has hurt this operation through their communication with Tasha and I then I want to hear it from them. Danny is right, the system is built for DDF to go through inventory to find out what we have, inventory is also responsible for recording, not reporting, what came back and needs to be put back into stock, let me tell you that Jose has that art down, it is an art, try it. If something goes wrong the drivers have to call Iva or Jeff, sometimes it does not happen, I can mitigate that. Its a matter of training versus telling. What will they say? How relative is it to this operation? How important is DDF to our overall sales? In fact, if they do agree, perhaps we do need to create a direct line of communication between DDF and the warehouse. Yes, it means I will have additional responsibilities which I think contribute to the mission of International Shoppes. I would like to be promoted, Warehouse Supervisor. My first mission will be to successfully train a warehouse associate to fulfill my duties as warehouse administration. I will be in charge of our fleet, maintain vehicles up do date on all paperwork, keep up with maintenance, I really have to go to Gabriellis and establish a face to face relationship with Jim. Also, Jennifer came down to our office, Mario was there, we talked about which terminals and products did great. We did a great job with launching Fruits and Chocolates. Jennifer included us in the emails with the vendor, we expected them to come, Jennifer asked us when. They came and dropped it off, we got the samples in and out quickly, I think we had to take some back from T5 and send them to terminal 1, that went smooth and two weeks later its taking over the area on top of our office. I I think I can really create a healthy relationship with the buyer, she cares and she realizes we care also, the guys get upset when things come damaged, believe it or not. Employees are cursing them out for every damaged box and they take care of it. I need to be allowed to do as many distributions as I want, I can do it myself already, and to be safe Tanya is always willing to train us, she prints us pictures of each step so we can remember, she just needs to be kept inform. If Carlos tells me this product sells fast I want to be able to check the computer and compare against the min/maxes set by Jeanine and Jennifer and run it right there and then. The product goes from the worksheet pallet to a traveling pallet within 15 minutes. I will do that for candy only so I can learn how to be accurate and efficient. For instance, if I had ran Abbott through distribution we could have set aside the merchandise and only put away what was necessary, bottom line we would have had to put away 2 skids less, and it takes forklift, pallet jack, two peoples time versus 2 people and two skids that will create value, takes two people minimum to do a worksheet. I will also assist Christian with packing the terminals, open/closing the warehouse, liquor/cigarettes worksheets, stocking inventories. This is where I think I really make myself an asset to this company, with the approval or recommendation from DDF, I will oversee the candy/Liquor/Cigarettes needs of the account executives of DDF or managers needs. Their transfer requests from the moment they send it to the moment it happens can take two days and on a Tuesday or Thursday, sometimes you do not have two days. I have the ability and knowledge to make sure their requests are handled promptly. If they have a request is because they are trying to satisfy a customers needs. We satisfy our customer needs to generate profits. Our busy season means more deliveries, it does not necessarily mean our replenishment’s are putting us in high gear, its DDF. Christian has been training me to supervise in the last week, he told the guys I was going to be the person in charged of closing, he has been really busy catching up with all the stock of the cigarettes and liquor plus the worksheets. With your approval, I would like to have the courtesy to tell Iva or Jeff that they will be contacted in regards to a potential promotion for me.

Logical Statement IF(); assume drivers make $15.00

I would like Carlos to become a candy lead at drivers pay along with a selected individual by Mario and Danny to assist Tasha in the office who will also get a raise to drivers pay. I would like two leads for Christian selected by Christian and approved by Mario and Danny to split up cigarettes and liquor at a drivers pay as well. As the company grows in the future we will need a designated dispatcher, maybe even a dispatcher hut. I would like to help Mario develop his idea of creating leads, a while back I mentioned to Danny we need to create line NCOs, I think Mr. Rosenberg would have loved that one. Also, I am bilingual, well traveled, and well educated about cultures around the globe, it was a really touching to me to deliver at the Iraqi embassy, an American Marine doing business with Iraqi officials. On my first tour you did not need a book to determine who was friend of foe in a war zone. So where we fighting with them, for them, or against them? or some other level of fighting?

How much do I want to get paid?

I want to make 20% more than all my expenses, that is my goal. I have 1200 in debt, I have 900 in rent, food, and commuting expenses. I want to make 3000(expenses)+20% a month.

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Weekend story (Us is me and the reader)

So friday I get off work and my car begins to overheat, we are riding a 2006 pony package Mustang, and its overheating and still made it home. UFF, so lucky, on Saturday my dad picked me up and while I had my medical at the hospital he played golf, pretty convenient for us, after the medical we picked up my friend and drove to my dads house. Reason we came to my dads house was to see my tia Patricia who was visiting from Colombia. As soon as she got home from shopping she instantly new I was stoned, lol, she continued to tell my dad how funny it was that I was stoned. My dad didnt know, so he let it be and acted like he didnt hear anything and made us a lot of food, How convenient for us. There was also my aunts really hot friend living at the house and although nothing physical happened we mind sexed her a million times, she had barely any clothes ever on, just WOW. by now its Monday morning and decided the night prior to drink until 2, wake up at five and attempt to get to work by 8 with a 3 hour commute. Lord behold we got to work 15 minutes late and noone said anything. On the way to work I puke for 10 minutes or many many times, somehow had clean laundry and the worst smell of puke combined. Wonder if they smelled me at work, to funny.

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Back to the Gym, Means Back to the Blogg

I guess Gym addiction is like Blog addiction, once it begins you want to get to it every time you can. Although I must admit I just shut down my brain and its just the writing doing the writing. Letting the words flow as they come to my head, I can almost feel a musical pattern on the keyboard, and yes, Backspace is in the musical pattern. I refuse to proofread my bloggs, but I will correct spelling errors immediatly (immediately) unless I think the word blogg should have two g’s at the end. I like my beer quantity like I like my blogg, with two g’s in it. Having drinks is better than having money, you can find real good exchanges, for example, with five beers you can walk up to almost any BBQ, now try that with $10. There is more substance in conversation over beer than conversation over money. On that note, to the corner store I go, actually getting a cans of beans. 😦

Blog with themes, not a theme for a blog

Some suggest having a theme to develope a blog and an audience. To me, the different themes of my blogs is what captures my ability and motivation to blog. As for an audience, it is about sparking interest or giving a reader something to think about or pass time.  Time will tell how this blog developes.